Kathleen Meehan, MS, RD, LDN
Houston, Texas

When working with parents, I start by exploring the parent’s relationship to food and discuss why a non-diet approach is essential to health and wellbeing. We’ll discuss how biases about bodies and rigid rules around food are influential in a child’s health and eating habits. We’ll discuss how to instead utilize the DOR or determine what might be best for that parent and their family. We’ll discuss intuitive eating and feeding strategies – I’d likely recommend a book like Born to Eat.

Samina Qureshi, RDN, LD
Houston, Texas

When working with parents, I listen to their main concerns and use motivational interviewing to coach them on how they can help develop a healthier relationship with food and body image for themselves to better support their children. I also provide them with insight on weight-inclusive care and how to help their children nourish their bodies with stress, guilt, or shame.