Amy Hanneke, MS, RDN
9745 E Hampden Ave
Ste 302B
Denver, CO

I provide lots of education to parents in-session about child feeding, myths about eating disorders, and how they can support their children through their eating disorders. We talk a lot about division of responsibility, parents’ beliefs around food, and practical troubleshooting matters like meal planning.

Jamie Magdic, RDN
Westminster, Colorado

I work with parents to educate on how we can create a supportive home environment that fosters a healthy relationship with food and body.

Karlee Golightly RD, RYT
9745 E Hampden Ave.
Suite 302B
Denver, Colorado

I’m passionate about providing weight-neutral care and treating all patients and families like humans. We’ll work together to utilize skills in nourishing & satisfying eating patterns, dismantling food rules, and creating a healed relationship with food and body.

Moxie Mind
(781) 689-0470